Poznaliśmy ostateczny skład najnowszej plyty Markusa Schulza

01. Reloaded
02. Revolution (with Venom One featuring Chris Madin)
03. Blown Away (featuring Liz Primo)
04. Remember This
05. Erase You (featuring Lady Vee)
06. Destino
07. Muse (featuring Adina Butar)
08. Dancing in the Key of Life
09. Lord Knows (featuring Liz Horsman)
10. Fireworks (with Klauss Goulart featuring Paul Aiden)
11. In the Shadows
12. Make You Fall (featuring CeCe Peniston)
13. Mango
14. Mardi Gras
15. Gravity (featuring Amy Kirkpatrick)
16. Reflection
17. Towards the Sun (with Rex Mundi)